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In order to meet the demands of the consumer parts market that is increasingly demanding, competitive and globalized, Semil is certified by the ISO9001 standard for the production of small, medium and high production consumer parts.

For 32 years, is structured to meet the market of Auto Parts, Electronics, Furniture, White Line, Civil, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Power Tools, among others.

Equipped with Automotive Lathes from 2 up to 60 mm, CNC Lathes, Revolver Lathes, Automatic Saw, Threading Machines, Drills, Centerless Grinders, Production Milling Machines, Hydraulic Presses up to 20 ton and 45 ton Eccentric Presses, and recently acquired ROMI D100 Machining Center and D800, equipped with fourth axle.

Produce them through graphic specifications, customer design and assemblies according to the need of the same, always submitting to the technical and technical standards that are intended for the product, counting on the technical evaluation of specialized engineers.

Works with Resulfurized Steel, Carbon Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Special alloys and others. Providing products with Thermal and Surface Treatment, according to the customer's needs.


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