Our Certification and Organizational Purposes

Certification ISO NBR 9001:2008 Semil Metalurgical

Manufacture and sell metallic and non-metallic parts according to national and international standards and / or customer specifications


Maintain its activities oriented to the growth of the organization through the manufacture and sale of machined parts, respecting the capacity and productive processes, adding value to employees, stakeholders and external suppliers.


Management Policy
SEMIL Metalúrgica Ltda, a medium-sized metallurgical company located in the municipality of Mauá, has the scope of "Machining and sales of metallic and non-metallic parts", to serve the national market, defined as Management policy:

"Provide machining products and services, seeking customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and expectations, achieving the management objectives established by the organization and continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system, including products, processes and services."


Organizational Values

  • Respect everyone;
  • Acting with ethics and transparency;
  • Continuously improve our processes, products and services;
  • Have commitment to results;
  • Seek and maintain constructive and profitable partnerships for the parties;
  • Encourage the professional and personal development of its employees.
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